Tuesday, December 18, 2012

BMX Rider Patrick Hubbard Shares His Top Five Tips for Safe BMX Sports Riding

Patrick Hubbard, also known as Ketchup King, is an expert BMX rider.

Patrick Hubbard Shares Safe Riding Tips
Patrick Hubbard is a Bicycle Motocross expert who enjoys riding his bike at some of the most prestigious parks in the San Francisco Bay Area. A more common term for Bicycle Motocross is BMX, which is an extreme cycling sport. BMX cycling is an exciting sport to participate in, as well as, to watch. Because of the extreme nature of the sport, Hubbard recommends all cyclists practice safe riding at all times. A fall can cause serious injuries, the kind that could cause permanent damage. Hubbard shares his top five safety tips for BMXers, which will help prevent injury should they get in a crash.

  1. Always wear your safety gear, especially your helmet. Studies show that 74-85% of bicycle related head injuries could be prevented with proper helmet use. Make sure your helmet is not cracked or weakened from use and make sure it fits properly.
  2. When riding vertical ramps, wear your full-face helmet. Vertical ramps can cause injuries that are more serious than riding on flat surfaces. The full-face helmet offers more protection.
  3. Always wear your chin guard properly. Some people wear their chin guard loose, but Hubbard warns that the chin guard should be tight so that it will not fly off, particularly during stunts.
  4. Always wear your gloves, elbow, and knee pads. Additional padding can help absorb the blow from concrete. Gloves can add a more secure grip to the handlebars.
  5. Always fine-tune your bike before riding. Make sure the mechanics such as the bolts, chains, and nuts for the handlebars and pedals are tight and working properly, and, make sure the pressure on the tires is good. Definately, check your brakes to be sure you will be able to stop your bike smoothly in a short distance.

Ketchup King
Hubbard, lovingly dubbed “Ketchup King” because of his love of ketchup on 99% of the food he eats, took an interest in BMX riding at the tender age of 13. Riding with a group called, Seventh Heaven, Hubbard and his team received sponsorship from companies such as Moving on Schwinn and Ozone Free Style.

Hubbard is an old 80’s Flat Line BMX rider who injured his knee during a photo shoot at Skate Park in Sunken Gardens in Livermore, California. The injury resulted in a long recovery period, however, now that he has recovered, Hubbard is re-entering the BMX arena in style. Hubbard’s most recent event is his participation in the Orchard Supply Fair where he teamed up with Dan Hubbard (no relation), a stunt professional and the owner of a company called Creative Sports, Inc., an entertainment and promotional company located in Orange County, California.

Hubbard is a carpenter by trade and his ultimate dream is to tour with teams to help set up BMX events. In his endeavor to learn as much as he can about BMX sport riding, Hubbard attended the BMX training held at Camp Woodward, in Tehachapi, California, the summer of 2012.

For more information, you can reach Hubbard at KetchupKing74@yahoo.com.

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